Bitlbee + ZNC and weechat

Just some snippets for the Installation of Bitlbee, ZNC and weechat.

The connection chart:

Bitlbee (server) <= ZNC (server) <= Weechat (Client)

I’ve created an extra user (im) for the server programs.

Installation and configuration of Bitlbee

tar xfv bitlbee-3.0.4.tar.gz
cd bitlbee-3.0.4

aptitude install  libotr2-dev libssl-dev libglib2.0-dev
./configure --otr=1 --msn=1 --jabber=1 --oscar=1 --twitter=1 --yahoo=0 --otr=1 --ssl=openssl --etcdir=/etc/bitlbee

make install install-etc install-doc

Changes i’ve made to the config.


RunMode = ForkDaemon
User = im
DaemonInterface =
DaemonPort = 6667
HostName = SomeHostName

Connect to your Server and do the normal Configuration (may be you have to change the DaemonInterface IP to connect remotely).  Type "help quickstart1" in the channel. It will tell you what to do...

Installation and configuration of ZNC

aptitude install znc
sudo -i -u im
znc -c


Nick [Nick defined in the bitlbee configuration]
Server localhost 6667
User Module perform

Then connect to your znc and type in the following command (replace Password with your bitlbee password):

/msg *perform PRIVMSG &bitlbee :identify Password

This will identify ZNC against bitlbee. More Information about configuring ZNC and Weechat can be found here.